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Welcome! I’m glad you’ve clicked here to learn more about microblading and decided to get those fuller brows! My name is Evona Nagorzanski and I am a certified and licensed Professional Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist. I acquired my certificate in the industry from Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy, which is board certified and approved to operate by Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. I’ve written some information below where you can learn more about myself, what I do, and how my organic cosmetic products come together with the semi-permanent makeup industry!

I have been filling my own eyebrows for 9 years because I once had over-plucked eyebrows which became so thin that i had lost almost half my brows. Having this experience has brought me here to the semi-permanent cosmetic industry, where I can help others going through this similar experience and ultimately create fuller, more beautiful brows, and rebuild their self-confidence.

However, my original background is a little different from the beauty industry. At my most creative and inspirational moments I like to write my own piano solo’s which then I later record in a music studio so that my music can be sold to iTunes and Spotify. If you want to check out my songs, you can look up the artist name, “Ivonka Nagorzanski.” Also, back in 2015 I recieved both a bachelor’s degree in Computational Mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Northern Illinois University. I loved math and reading at an early age so that’s why I went to pursue my education in these fields. Today, I have utilized my detailed and analytical nature, plus my artistic abilities, to help clients build confidence in themselves by creating the prefect brows with just a single hand-held blade.

I have clients that walk into the procedure self-conscious about their eyebrows, but are transformed within a matter of hours. It’s not uncommon for my wonderful clients to be completely ecstatic and joyous that they’re crying after they see the end result. And I’m telling you, nothing feels better for both the client and myself in that moment!

Now I can only achieve this level of success because I take each clients expectations highly into consideration before I begin the micorblading procedure. I will then advise my client what I know and believe to be the best suited shape, color, and thickness for him or her. With my creative abilities and my advance wide range microblading experience I promise you, we can change your look and your life together.

Microblading and the semi-permanent cosmetic industry has changed my life and that’s just one reason why they are special to me. I’m even more excited to be doing this for a living because I get to provide these types of services and offer healthier products at the same time. I choose to use organic products on my clients because I fully believe in living a more natural, healthier, and organic lifestyle, which in turn has made my body and mind much happier too. That’s why I want to be able to pass down my support and knowledge in organic products to my clients and send them off in the healthiest and happiest state possible. I can guarantee we can achieve exactly the look you’re going for and much more!

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