Will the hair ever grow back?

When you mess with your eyebrow hair – tweeze it, threat it, or wax it – you’re pulling it directly from the root of the hair. Which is the reason why over time the wear and tear is going to cause damage to the brow follicles, making them close more each time to the point where the follicles close completely and the hair doesn’t grow back anymore.

Typically, the younger you are the more you hair will grow. However, as we get older our bodies will start to slow down and our hormones start to change and the hair tends to grow less, which is definitely a common thing. Be careful though, in some cases when brow hair tends to stop growing there may be some internal conflicts occurring in your body, such as an under-active thyroid or Alopecia Areata. If you’re more concerned about these issues and want to know more about them, contact your primary care doctor and have them take a look at your brows.

The good news is if your situation is a simple one to solve, in microblading we can sometimes reopen the brow follicles so that the hair can grow back to its healthier, fuller state. Being certified and licensed in microblading and having experienced many different cases in my clients brows, I’ve seen that the hair has grow back after several months after the microblade procedure. Which means you can go back to having your natural, beautiful brows!

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