How will you decide if microblading is something that will be beneficial to you and your everyday routine?

Do you find yourself getting ready in the morning and wondering if you’ve drawn both your eyebrows on evenly, or if one is darker than the other? Well then microblading may be best suited for you and you may want to consider having the procedure. Once the procedure is all finished, there will be little to no maintenance needed to be done to your eyebrows for a minimum of 8 weeks, then a touch up is highly recommended if not mandatory. After the touch up, you and your eyebrows are set for the next 18 months, if not more.

For a year or more you can wake up saving how ever much time you spend on drawing your eyebrows on pretty much anything else. Whether it’s getting more shut eye, spending more time preparing for the day ahead, and spending less time in front of a mirror, having the microblade procedure does more that just create fuller brows.

Not only will you save time, but you will save money. If you consider the amount of products and the amount of money you spend on cosmetics that goes toward your eyebrows, you will see that the microblading procedure will be worth more for your money than anything else. I recall when I had to use a Ulta brand eye shadow ($9) and a Revlon eyeliner ($9) to draw on my brows in the morning, and trying not to touch them during the day so I wouldn’t have to touch up my brows, and then once again after work if I were going somewhere. So, I was using my eyeliner about 3 times and my eye shadow just once a day, which also includes all the times when I wasn’t on my game and had to redo them completely because one brow was higher than the other or something else completely frustrating. In the end, I no longer have to use my eyeliner or my eye shadow for my brows and the products are now only used for what they’re made for, and they have lasted me several more months longer.

Over all having experienced both worlds, one being a life with microbladed eyebrows and a life laboring to draw on eyebrows everyday, i can easily say my life has improved in many ways by having the microblading procedure. Now, do you think you’re ready your life to improve?

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